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Specialty Care Programs

Within our general home health services, Somerset Home Health Care has developed a number of specialized in-home care programs designed to meet common but very important health challenges. These programs further ensure that the care you receive will be thorough, effective, and based on the latest scientific evidence.

Nurse with Heart
Chronic Heart Failure Management Program
Our multidisciplinary approach to CHF management utilizes teaching, monitoring and assessment, and physical therapy to empower patients to take an active role in managing their CHF.

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Diabetes Management
Diabetes Management
Somerset’s Diabetes Management Program works to help diabetic patients achieve an improved quality of life, prevent complications, reduce visits to the ER and hospital admissions, and lessen medical costs.

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Falls Prevention
Fall Prevention Program
Our falls prevention program uses targeted exercise, home safety modifications, home safety strategies, education, and more to lessen the likelihood of accidental falls and lessening the likelihood of injury when falls do occur.

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Medication Management
Medication Management
People usually underestimate the task of taking multiple medications correctly. Somerset will make repeated visits to a patient's home to provide the education and training that ensures medication adherence, prevents adverse events and food reactions, and works towards the medical outcomes your doctor had in mind.

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Non-Discrimination Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Somerset Home Health Care to serve all individuals who are eligible for its programs without regard to any non-merit factor. Accordingly, Somerset Home Health Care does not tolerate discrimination by its employees when they are serving individuals who are eligible for its programs based on any non-merit factor, including race, national origin, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability (physical or mental), age, status as a parent, or genetic information.

All of the Department’s employees are responsible for complying with this policy in discharging their job duties.

Furthermore, Somerset Home Health Care makes employment decisions based only on merit and without regard to any non-merit factor.

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